Sports premium / P.E.


P.E. and Sport Premium Funding

In March 2013, the Government announced a new package of funding for P.E. and school sport. Through the ‘Sport Premium’, they are continuing the provision for the next few years until 2020.

The allocation for our school is £9525 for this academic year. This may increase in September, when the funding is set to be doubled for the school year 2017/2018. I will update this on this page as soon as that is confirmed.

The money will be spent in such a way as to encourage children who are reluctant when it comes to PE as well as enriching the learning opportunities and developing the skills of those children who enjoy and excel in P.E.

Also we will use this funding to improve the skills of teachers in the teaching of PE, particularly through looking into the possibility of working with specialist coaches from Active Tameside to upskill our teachers in the provision of gymnastics and dance, thus giving sustainability for the future.

We are also using the money to top up resources in school to enable teachers to provide an outstanding skills – based approach to P.E. teaching.

We have used 10% of the money to go into partnership with the Tameside School Sports Partnership. This will provide us with specific teacher training across all areas of P.E., membership to the Youth Sports Trust, Leadership training for pupils, Change4Life Health initiatives, online fitness tools, Literacy and Numeracy sport and P.E. projects, access to further funding support, Delivery of inter school competitions and a range of other services.

To keep up to date with new initiatives and exciting times to come in school sport and P.E. at Corrie, make sure you keep checking the P.E. section of our web-site.

Check the links below to see a detailed breakdown of how the money is being spent at Corrie.

Tameside Schools Sports Partnership

P.E. Lead Release Time

Resourcing and Equipment

Staff C.P.D.

Health Initiatives.

We have also invested time and money into looking at initiatives which can have a wider implication to the health and well-being of our children in a variety of ways.

-We have appointed two Health Ambassadors who work alongside the Sports Ambassadors to look at how we can further develop health initiatives inschool on an on-going basis.

-We have incorporated health focussed sessions into our National School Sports Week. The children all took part in a healthy eating and cooking session with the school cook where they made smoothies and healthy pasta dishes.

-We also ran a Junior Whistlers session in year 5 for a six week period whereby the children were taught how to officiate games and respect officials.

-The Year 4, 5 and 6 children also took part in defibrillator training and basic CPR techniques as we have now purchased a defibrillator for school.

 Healthy Eating / Healthy Lunchbox Assembly.

On Friday 8th January, Mr. Griffin and the Sports and Health Ambassadors led a healthy eating and healthy lunchbox assembly to try to show everybody what the best choices are for healthy and balanced lunches.

We are also going to implement a new rewards scheme designed to encourage healthy eating. This will be run alongside a rewards scheme called 'Smile for a Mile' to encourage the children in each class to be more active by running or walking a mile each day / week.

Impact of PE Premium Spending.

The money that we have spent in school since the funding began has had a huge impact already on the provision of school sport for our children. I have included below detailed breakdowns of the impact of the spending as well as an evidence sheet to show how there was an increased impact from the first year of the funding to the second year.

Mr. Griffin

Impact of PE Premium Spending 2016/2017

Impact of PE Premium Spending 2015/2016

Impact of PE Premium Spending 2013/2014

Impact of PE Premium Spending 2014/2015

Evidence of Increased Impact of PE Premium Spending From 2013/14 to 2014/15

Sports and Health Ambassadors 2017/2018

Hi, we are the new Sports and Health Ambassadors for 2017/2018.

We are:

Sports Ambassadors: Daniel Gotovac and Melody-Rae Seagrave

Health Ambassadors: To be appointed in September.

We have got lots of exciting things planned for this year and we have written an action plan with Mr. Griffin which we have included below for you to have a look at. Make sure you keep checking the web-site as we will be updating our information regularly during this exciting and busy year!




Sports and Health Week.

School was taken over by a wave of healthiness during Sports and Health week again this year. It was lovely to see so many parents and carers in school to watch and even join in with the wonderful activities we enjoyed throughout the week in what was, for the start of the week at least, glorious conditions. The week is a brilliant opportunity for the children to take part in so many activities that they would not usually have the chance to do and we are unique in how much we provide during our annual extravaganza of sport and health. All of the staff and children had a wonderful time and we were really lucky to have some fantastic opportunities to take part in lots of new and exciting activities. This week, we included more sports than ever before and the children were able to take part in Taekwondo, Boxing, Thai Boxing, Boxercise, Tcoukball, Golf, Orienteering, Cricket, Basketball, Street Dance, Bollywood Dancing, Breakdancing, Athletics, Circus Skills, Climbing as well as carrying out Healthy Cooking sessions and looking at all aspects of maintaining a healthy lifestyle. Unfortunately, and probably predictably, the weather changed at the end of the week which meant that the KS1 and KS2 sports days had to be postponed. We were, however, able to complete the events on Wednesday 19th July and we all had a wonderful afternoon. We also completed our sponsored challenge to travel the distance from Manchester to London in aid of the One Love appeal. Thanks to all those who sponsored their children for this really worthwhile cause.

During the week, we also celebrated the achievements of many of our children who have represented school in sporting endeavours this year in our Sports Presentation Assembly. The winners were as follows:

Corrie Primary School. Footballer of the Year 2017. Makai Forde.

Corrie Primary School. Fair Play Award 2017. Peaches Smith.

Corrie Primary School. Most Improved Sports Person 2017. Ruby Reilly.

Corrie Primary School. Key Stage 1 Sports Person of the Year 2017. Hanna Koziol

Corrie Primary School. Sports Person of The Year 2017. Thomas Holt.

Corrie Primary School. Sports Person of The Year 2017. Finley O’Neill.

Corrie Primary School. Sports Person of The Year 2017. Ruby Schofield.

Corrie Primary School. Sports Person of The Year 2017. Mia Barcley.

Corrie Primary School. Health Ambassador 2016/2017. Eden Frost.

Corrie Primary School. Health Ambassador 2016/2017. Phoebe Percival.

Corrie Primary School. Sports Ambassador 2016/2017. William Collins.

Corrie Primary School. Sports Ambassador 2016/2017. Chelsea Chorlton.

We also appointed next year’s Sports Ambassadors who will be Daniel Gotovac and Melody-Rae Seagrave. Huge congratulations to all the children and let’s hope for another wonderful year of sport in 2017/2018!

Some of the parents who came to watch the different activities during sports and health week were kind enough to provide some comments about their experiences during the week. I have included a few below.

“ Both my children now want to take up extra activities after school.”

“They get so many different experiences they would not normally get in primary PE or PHSE lessons.”

“I have been made to feel very welcome at every event and was even asked to take part in some.”

“I think it has been an amazing experience all round. I have three children in school, all of different ages, and the opportunities they have all had this week have been fantastic, so varied and something for everyone. Well done, Corrie.”

“I have loved it. It’s so nice to come and watch all the activities, a lot of them are things we wouldn’t be able to do at home or in the community.”

“My son has loved it and he enjoyed having me there too.”

“All of the staff are very welcoming and have involved us in the activities.”

“It has been great getting involved with the children this week and watching them do all the different activities. I felt welcome as always.”

“I don’t think there is anything to do to improve this week, all the children seemed to really enjoy all the activities. I am a Grandma and came to nearly all the sessions.”

“It gives the children information so that they understand the impact of being healthy on the body. It is teaching in a fun way.”

Mr. Griffin