Welcome to the Governing Body section of the school website.

At Corrie school we have a very proactive Governing Body that works collectively with the school senior leadership team to provide an excellent learning environment for all pupils to enjoy during their time at our school.


Who makes up the governing body?

Corrie Primary school reviewed its governing body structure in December 2014, adopting a new Instrument of Governance on 1st January 2015. To become a more efficient and effective body it has reduced in size, from 18 to 12 governor positions and we have the option of recruiting associate members to support the governing body in key priorities.

The table below shows each governor with their term of office dates. Click on the names to learn more about each of our governors.

None of the Governors have any pecuniary interests.

NameTypeStart DateEnd Date
Elaine Jackson Co-opted 1st May 2015 31st December 2018
Lynne Smith Authority 11th March 2013 10th March 2017
Vacant Staff
Lynn Berry Co-opted 1st January 2015 31st December 2018
Peter Marshall Co-opted 1st January 2015 31st December 2018
Sharon Keogh Co-opted 1st January 2015 31st December 2018
Naomi Cartledge Staff Headteacher - term of office is continuous
Andy Armsden Parent 17th June 2013 16th June 2017
George Newton Co-opted 1st January 2015 21st December 2018
Carolyn Cruden Parent 23rd January 2014 22nd January 2018
Mic Longhi Parent 2nd December 2016  
Richard Watt Parent 2nd December 2016  


What is the purpose of the governing body?

The governing body have a strategic management role to provide support and challenge to the senior management team of the school.

Governors work to strive for excellence across the whole of school life, ensuring that children are happy and safe whilst in our care. The governing body have legal duties set out by the secretary of state to:

  • set the strategic direction of the school including policies and objectives
  • approve the school budget
  • review progress against the school's budget and achievement of objectives

Are governors trained?

Governors are volunteers. They come from a wide range of backgrounds which brings a diverse collection of competencies and experience to the governing body. All governors agree to carry out training during their induction period and on a termly basis to ensure that are able to competent to carry out their role.


How do governors conduct their business?

Governors meet as a full group at least once every term to deal with the schools business. Meetings are very lively affairs and we adopt a very co-operative approach to deal with our schools business. Once a term we also meet in smaller committees look in depth at the school priorities.

The Resources committee discuss the school’s budget including staffing and sets the key priorities. It reviews staffing structures and receives reports on performance management of all the staff. It is responsible for the school premises.

The Resource committee also receive health & safety audits to ensure that the building is safe & accessible. They also decide what work needs doing such as building work and security.

The Standards committee monitor the process of pupils and review school policies with consideration to key changes in legislation i.e. the new SEND reforms.

In addition to the above & in response to the findings of the most recent Ofsted inspection, the governors have also formed an Interim Steering Group (ISG). As Ofsted’s overall judgement in October 2013 was that school ‘requires improvement’ it was recommended that a ‘Post Ofsted Action Plan’ (POAP) be drawn up. A small group of governors came together to form the ISG & look in detail at all aspects of the POAP & how school could improve. Meetings involve scrutinising data to ensure that children are on track to achieve the very best they can from their individual starting point & identify what needs to happen if this is not the case. The quality of teaching is discussed & governors are required to carry out monitoring visits to see for themselves how school is doing. The ISG is also responsible for improving the quality of leadership & management.

SEN Information Report - Click on this link to read the report


Do you want to know more?

For more information on the work of the ISG or to become a governor at Corrie please contact the Chair of Governors or the Headteacher.