Maths Day Challenge 2014

"I liked the day because you can pick your own challenge and some are more challenging than others."
Harry - Year 3

"I really liked the day because even though it was challenging you got through it with your friends help and help from the teachers."
Kye - Year 3

"I liked it when you got a stamp on your sheet when you finished a challenge."
Amy - Year 3

"I liked it first when we found the easy challenges which we could do but we only did a few of them before we moved to the harder ones."
Tamalia - Year 3

"Everyone in 5T really enjoyed the Challenge Day. It helped us to develop our problem solving skills and logical thinking. We had fun choosing challenges in the hall and we also had our own mini challenges in class which we solved in team. A really fun day!"
Miss Turner - Year 5

"All the children enjoyed challenging themselves to complete the fun and enjoyable tasks."
Mr Griffin - Year 3