Career and Aspiration Week 2014

Corrie Primary School held a career and aspiration week, week beginning 10th February 2014 to help raise the children's aspirations for their future economic well being. During the week the children had the opportunity to speak to a range of people (including parents) and ask questions about their jobs. Visitors included Steve Cunningham (the world's fastest blind man), The Mayor, the police, an air hostess, a Reverend, a golf professional, a reflexologist, a civil engineer and chef.

The children thoroughly enjoyed the week. Darren from year 3 said 'I really enjoyed Steve Cunningham coming into school because he could drive a car really fast even though he was blind. His blindness didn't stand in the way of him achieving his dream.' The visitors also enjoyed coming into school! Peter Thomason a painter and decorator said 'thank you for the opportunity to visit Corrie where I was made to feel most welcome. Your very well behaved children are a credit to the school. They were polite and showed a keen interest in the subject of painting and decorating.' Eraina Smith a civil engineer and ambassador for the Museum of Science and Industry said 'the children had the opportunity to see what I do and followed instructions well, worked cooperatively and made a fantastic giant tetrahedron!'

Career and aspiration week