Year 6 - 6L



Welcome back to your last half term at Corrie Primary School. We hope that you are all refreshed and ready to go and that you will enjoy this extremely busy half term.

Important dates:

PGL - Monday 19th June - Wednesday 21st June

Health and Sport's Week - Monday 19th June - Friday 23rd June (Sport's Day)

Transition Days - Thursday 6th July and Friday 7th July

Year 6 Show- Thursday 20th July

Year 6 Prom - Thursday 27th July

Leaver's Assembly- Friday 28th July 

English– This half term you will be using all the SPaG you have learnt over the year to help you write a brilliant narrative based on the short film 'Swing of Change'from 'Literacy Shed'. 

Maths-During maths sessions, you will be solving lots of real-life problems using your knowledge of the four operations. 

ScienceIn our Science lessons we will be finding out about the classification of plants and animals and learning about the different views of how scientists believe life has evolved and how we inherit traits from our parents.

Computing- This half term we will be starting a new topic on websites and taking part in e-safety lessons. We will investigate what makes a good website and how they are structured. We will try to develop our own websites. Computing will also be used in a cross-curricular manner too. We will be blogging and filming .

Topic - We will be completing the historical topic of The Ancient Greeks, in which you will be using and developing your historical, art and ICT skills.

We will also be participating in lots of other subjects such as RE, Art, D&T, MFL (French), Music and P.E.

Year 6 P.E. Days

Friday mornings with Sports Development and Tuesday afternoons.

Don't forget that you need a full P.E. kit for both sessions!


Homework will be given out every Friday, to be returned by the Wednesday after. This will include Reading for pleasure activities, Spelling, Maths and Topic or Science.Any work completed on the computer/tablet can be emailed to  Admin and put F.A.O. Mrs Bacchus  or Mrs Lynch and it will be forwarded onto us.

Please make sure that you bring your reading book and reading log every day as you will be reading some time each day! Remember that your reading logs need to be signed at least once a week by an adult and this will be checked every Wednesday by your teacher. If your log isn’t signed, this will result in you receiving ‘red’ on your reading chart. Reading, even in year 6, is very important. the quality of your writing is much better when you read more. Also, your imagination is sparked for writing your own narratives.

Also, please remember that if you want a drink of water throughout the day you need to purchase a school waterbottle. They are available to buy at breaktime for 60p.

We are looking forward to sharing all these exciting learning opportunities with you.  Don't forget to keep in contact using Blogs!

Mrs. Y. Lynch and Mrs. L. K. Bacchus (Year 6 teachers)




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