Year 2 - 2E


Welcome to Year 2- 2R, 2E. 


Welcome to the final term of the year.

There are lots of exciting happenings in Year 2 this half term:

Monday 19th July Health week. KS1- Sports day is on  the Thursday 22nd July in the afternoon. KS2 Sports day is Friday 23rd July in the afternoon.

All children need trainers at School all the time, so that we can do P.E. anytime the weather is nice.

The children have been given their Times table Rockstar log ins so that they can learn their 2’s ,5’s and 10’s 3’s, 4’s times tables at home and school to find a class champion each week.  The children love to compete with each other and be the best times table rock star.Also they have their ACTIVE LEARN logins for other Maths Activities to enjoy at home.

In Maths this term we will be studying.

Mental addition and subtractions sums, we will be measuring using a variety of measures. The children will be problem solving, reasoning and using algebra.  

In English the children will be reading some information texts such as instructions and reports about the Seaside. They will be writing Seaside poems and writing about their own experiences at the Seaside.  

The children will need to regularly practise the year 2 spelling list these will be in the children’s homework books. Follow these links to see the words children are expected to read on sight and spell: Rec/Year1HFWYear2HFW ,Year 1 common exception words ,Year 2 common exception words.

The children will continue to have weekly handwriting practise to begin to develop the horizontal and diagonal strokes needed to join letters in their writing.

In Science the children will be studying Habitats.  In this unit children will have been introduced to the terms ‘habitat’ (a natural environment or home of a variety of plants and animals) and ‘micro-habitat’ (a very small habitat, for example for woodlice under stones, logs or leaf litter). They will have identified that most living things live in habitats to which they are suited and have described how different habitats provide for the basic needs of different kinds of animals and plants..

Our Creative curriculum topic ‘Seaside’ The children will investigate and describe historical events from the Nation’s history and describe significant people from the past.  They will ask and answer geographical questions (such as: What is this place like? What or who will I see in this place? What do people do in this place?).They will identify the key features of a location in order to say whether it is a city, town, village, coastal or rural area.

In History they will look at holidays from the past. Look at how people began to have holidays in the past.

 In Art the children will investigate and explore picture of the Seaside and features of the Seaside. In modern times and long ago.

Homework the children will have a menu of homeworks and one piece of homework needs to be completed each week. 


Important information

  • Please ensure your child has their name in all their School uniform. The staff have a permanent marker if you need to write your child’s name in their jumper etc.
  • Please ensure your child has a PE kit in School all week as PE days can change in school.
  • Children need to bring their reading book and their reading log to school every day.
  • The children have Guided reading four times a week and need to have their books in School.
  • Book for enjoyment will be sent home on a Monday and need to be returned by Friday.
  • Please buy a water bottle for your child in the first week, your child must have a water bottle in school to keep them healthy and hydrated.
  • Happy learning!
  • Mrs Rafferty, Mrs Ethell and Mrs Marsden

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