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Here's what to expect in Summer Term 2...


We will be learning more about adjectives and how to apply them into sentences. We will be learning and performing ths story of The Little Mermaid, which will be our class assembly on July 14th. We will be using lots of drama in class to help us understand texts and write ideas and will continue using Talk for Writing to improve our work. We will continue learning to spell key words, write in different sentence types and improve our handwriting further. We will continue learning about comparatives and superlatives as we compare and contrast different pirates.


Please keep reading regularly at home. Learn to read and spell your key words too inside the reading records. 

Reading Eggs is still a great place to practise your reading. Who will win a prize for using it the most?



In Summer Term 2 we will be learning to:

understand place value of numbers and order numbers correctly

make and interpret data in pictograms and bar charts

recognise odd and even numbers

recognise multiples of 2, 5 and 10

learn to multiply

find doubles and halves

add and subtract and find change

continue counting in ones, twos, fives and tens forwards and backwards up to 100

continue spelling our numbers up to 20

continue learning to write digits properly

continue learning our addition and subtraction bonds to 20


 Learn your addition and subtraction facts up to 10, then up to 20, off by heart at home. That would be such a great help.

Please remember to use Activelearn at home. It's a great place to play games and learn lots!




Our topic in Science will be learning about Plants. We will be exploring plants in the local area and learning to identify and grow plants. We will learn about what plants need to grow and the parts of plants.

 Creative Curriculum

We will be learning about Pirates and Mermaids including learning about:

Famous pirates

Pirate lifestyles and weapons

Pirate flags

Pirate language and songs

Stories about mermaids



We will be learning about what it means to belong to a Christian community.


Is every Tuesday and Wednesday. Always have the correct kit in school please. This term the focus will be Games and Athletics.


Our new learning is all about Changes. Children will learn about thinking about the future and how to manage transition into Year 2.

Homework will be handed out on Friday, to be collected on a Wednesday. 

If you have any questions, or can help the class in any way, please come in and speak to the Year 1 team.


Thank you,


Mr Macdonald and Miss Ratcliffe




#1 Oshilaja O 2016-05-14 12:01
Reading eggs really help my kids alot,improve there learning,speaki ng,spellings&pr onunciations,it makes them independent,lea rn&concentrate on there own,l'm so glad,happy and proud of my kids&Corrie primary&Nursery school,with there great jobs & assistance,big thanks to the headteacher,cla ss teachers,home work club teachers for there great jobs,really impressed keep it up
#2 Oshilaja O 2016-05-14 12:03
Well done to corrie primary&Nursery ,a great job,keep it up
#3 Mr MacDonald 2016-08-24 13:18
Esther, you have had a fantastic year. Keep working hard in Year 2!

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