Stockport Museum and Air Raid Shelters By Xenia

Last week on Wednesday we went to Stockport Air Raid Shelters.First,we went to the museum and we were dressed up as evacuees. We were all put into groups.There were three ladies over there,Mrs Hodkinson(billeting officer)Mrs Booth(salvaging)Mrs Grundy(clothing exchange,helping auntie).We were treated as we were about to be billeted.We wore gas masks and found out which type of gas masks babies and children would wear. We learned lots about salvaging and that you had to help your host family with housework and chores.In the afternoon we went to the air raid shelters in Stockport. We experienced what it was like to be in an actual air raid shelter made from 40 ft sandstone.We found out about a baby being born in an air raid shelter and about the little canteen in the shelter.We also found out about which bed was for mothers and babies,elderly people and children. We had an amazing day there.It was a trip to remember.

Keisha 6L

World War 2 Trip Stockport Air Raid Shelters


On Wednesdy 26th April year 6 went on a trip to Stockport Air raid shelters. It was a real worth going on trip and it was really educational.We got to dress up as evacuee girls and boys. We took a trip back to the 1930's and 40's. Everyone got a new name ny name was Anne. When we arrived at the Muesum we were treated like world war 2 evacuees. Mrs Hodkinson (the blilieting officer), Mrs Booth (Salvaging and leader of the COG's club) and Mrs Grundy ( The clothing exchange helping Auntie). We split into three groups and did some last minute training for our new household. My group did salvaging first - salvaging means reduce, reuse and recycle- then we were put in small group of six, Nathan,Jacob, Ella,Charlotte and Jade were in my group of six, we had to sort out what people used to salvage. After that, we learned how to put on gas masks when the siren went off and Goerge-real name Thomas-got to hold a baby's gas mask. We also saw Betty, the flaming bomb. Last we went to the the clothing exchange to learn how to do different household chores. Later on, We visited the air raid shelters and went down the deep tunnels. We went down one unfinished deep tunnel. We also visited the canteen, the flushable bathroom toilets the medical bay and the bedrooms. If I had to choose one thing about the trip it would have to be going down the dark tunnel. This trip was really fun and I definately recommed this trip. 

By Keisha.

Air Raid Shelters By Ella 6L

Stockport Air Raid Shelters 2017.

Our trip to Stockport Air Raid Shelters on Wednesday 26th April 2017 was amazing. 

First, we got on the coach and headed of to the Air Raid Museum. Then we met the nice ladies who took us to lots of different activities. e.g: gas masks, salvaging and clothes and chores. We all really enjoyed it and we even got treated like an evacuee!

The nice ladies who were there were, Mrs. Grundy, she took us to the clothing exchange department, Mrs. Booth, she took us to the salvaging department and Mrs.Hodkinson, she took us to the gas masks and bombs department.

After lunch, we went to the shelters where it was damp and it was made from sandstone. In the sick bay, there was lots of  beds but one had been turned into a chair for the people who had felt better.

Did you know that a baby was ACTUALLY  BORN IN THE SHELTERS!!!

World War 2 Trip by Jade 6L

On Wednesday 26th of April, Year 6 went to Stockport Museum and Stockport Air Raid Shelter, to learn/roleplay and experience what it would be like to be an evacuee in World War 2 (1939-1945). First, we went to the Stockport Museum, where we were greeted by Mrs Hodkinson (The Billeting Officer), Mrs Booth (Salvaging and Member of the Cogs Club) and Mrs Grundy (Clothing Exchange and helping Auntie). They talked to us for a few minutes about how to be respectful and how to behave, especially at the Town Hall where we would be billeted to our new parents. We also learnt about sitting postures, where girls would have to sit with their hands on the same knee and the boys just had to fold their arms. Then, we were taught the song "Run Rabbit Run" where we could sing along and do the actions. We then were split up into groups where we were taught about salvaging, household duties and we learnt about putting on gas masks and disposing bombs in the street. 

After we had finished at the Stockport Museum, we went to the Stockport Air Raid Shelter where we were greeted again by Mrs Hodkinson, Mrs Booth and Mrs Grundy. We were then split up again and ventured into the tunnels of the shelter. We got to see the Medical Ward, the First Aid Ward, flushing toilets and where you'd sleep. We learnt that, depending on if you were elderly, mothers, babies or just children, you'd have to sleep on certain layers of the bunk (there were 3 beds on each bunk bed). Mothers and babies would sleep on the top bunk, the elderly would sleep on the middle bunk and children/adults would sleep on the bottom bunk. After looking at all those, we got to do something half terrifying, but half exciting at the same time. We got to go and look at some unfinished tunnels which was really spectacular. We then got to learn a cheeky song called "Who's That Knocking at Your Window". 

Overall, I thought it was amazing and I would definately go again.

Air raId shelter by Nathan

On Wednesday the 26 April year 6 went to Stockport air raid shelter it was amazing. 

We found out how hard it was during world war 2. We all learnt that any bit of clothing you would keep so you could make your own clothing. As an evacuee you would do chores like help the auntie do the washing or cooking . We also learnt that babies would wear a giant gas mask because the ones that adults used would have been very scary for them. We also learnt about the cogs club that is where we would have salvaged things like rubber for the airplanes,bones were used for compost,there was light metal for the airplanes and heavy metal for the guns.

WW2 Shelters By Bailey 6L

Our trip to Stockport air raid shelters was amazing! We got to wear all the old gas masks and saw how they lived in ww2. We saw how you put on a baby's gas mask and how it fits their whole body and you have to squeeze the breathing hole because they couldn't do it theirselves. And the toddlers or young childen wore playful masks so it didn't scare them, the parents would try to make it into a game.

We got to see a real fire bomb which deactivated itself or it would have destroyed the whole of Stockport and if it did we wouldn't have been able to have this amazing experience at the air raid shelter and museum.

We learnt a song about Hitler. Who's that knocking on your window, who's that knocking on your door, if its Hitler let him in and we'll punch him in the chin and there won't be any any Hitler anymore HOORAYYYYYYYYY.

Year 6 most outstanding trip to Stockport air raid shelters by Dylan 6L

On Wednesday 26th April Corrie primary's lovely year 6 went on a spiecial trip to the Stockport air raid shelters and the Stockport museum we role-played as evacuees from the 1930s-1940s doing this meant that we were treated by evacuees who were about to be billeted to a host family. We learnt lots of stuff, to name a few: 

helping out our new family's by cooking, knitting, making camouflage netting, cleaning the clothes we also became a member of the AMAZING, MOST BRILLIANT AND MOST FANTASTIC cogs club. In this we learn about if not all the people play their part the machine won't work. We also learnt about salvaging including turning bones into compost and throwing scraps for the PIGS!!! We also got shown a real bomb known as BIG BETTY!!

Then we went to the air raid shelters and saw that the toilets were disgusting. BUT the most surprising thing is that they had electricity. the beds were surprising as well the women and babies slept on the top, the old men on the middle and the children on the bottom. Overall I liked the trip.


On the 26th April we went to Stockport air raid shelter.

As soon as we got to the museum we were treated like real life evacuees

and were prepred to be billeted to our 'new families'and were taught chores such as 

washing, drying and making food. We also learnt how to make camouflage netting.

Then we went down to the shelters and explored what seemed like endless tunnles we also learnt a song about defeating Hitler :

Who's that knocking on the window

Who's that knocking on the door

If it's Hitler let him in 

Then we'll kick him in the shin

Then there won't be any Hitler any more


Air Raid Shelters By Phoebe 6L

On Wednesday 26th April  year 6 went to Stockport Air Raid Shelters and Stockport museum we explored what would have happened in world war 2. We explored through the 40ft under Air Raid Shelters. When we arrived we were greeted by these people who were dressed up in old fashionable clothes (what they would have wore during World War 2) they were called Mrs Hodkinson, Mrs Booth and Grundy. They showed us how to help around the new house like chores and to help out with the baby if the gas mask sound went off then I will help them out by helping them put the baby gas masks on. With Mrs Grundy she taught us how to make camouflage netting, how to wash and dry, how to cook, how to iron, how to hoover, she also taught us how to make carpeting as well as some clothes that the mums and dads would possibly wear and the last thing that she taught us is how to beat a carpet to get loads of stuff off it like dust and dirt. Mrs Hodkinson showed you how to put on gas masks and how to put them back in the box and she also said that we need to carry and take your gas mask everywhere you go because you never knew when the gas mask alarm was going off then you will have to go and find it or even get a spare gas mask. We learnt how to salvage with Mrs Booth and we learnt what other things could be as well. I had a brilliant time there and I want to go AGAIN!H

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