The lost thing 2.0 by Chloe 5T

The map lead us to a colourful building all of a sudden a scanner comes out and scans his so some doors come out and the lost thing smiles and dances.

He goes in and that was out special freindship gone and our last goodbye...

I fest sad that he is gone but mad at myself for letting him go but that was the past and I can't change that anyway I forgot the way to him and that's the end of  my story.


The VJ and Tower (Valentino & Josh)

The V.J. Tower.


The first floor of our tower is a sport and leasure center with a indoor football ground and a swimming bath and a steam and yoga rooms for relaxation.There you can play tennis,football,swimming,and a golf range out back with a separate course.

The second floor is a cafe and a Imax cinema with a bar and a selection of foods to eat with the movie you are waching.

Also, there's a massive shoe shop with sponsors from Nike and a 25% discount for members.


The final floor has an outdoor swimMing pool and benches to get your tan on and clear your head.Also  with luxery 5 STAR  beds with only 10spots so come quick to get a space.




Reece diary entry

Dear Diary Let me tell you about the other day. I was admiring my bottle top colection thinking about how my special thing is going...

I was learning about the beach but when I met him I saw a glimpse out of the corner of my eye. I saw a big, rusty red ginomious thing in the middle of the beach. When I met him I was astonished because it's not a thing you see every day. When I went to it I

didn't know what it looked like. It wasn't human or it wasn't an animal, so what was it?' What would it be' I thought. Then I looked inside then shouted "Hello!" Then the machine even started to shake. Then the lost thing started to move but after I started to play with the lost thing and started to play catch. After a while, I went home whith the lost thing until my mum saw it. She thought it might be a disease and the day which was this day was to say good bye to the lost thing. He went in a colourful room with more lost things. Then I said good bye. But after that I felt down cast because I left my best friend and I let him go but on the other side at least he has a better life with his other best friends. I guess it's back to the suburbia now and have a boring monotonous life again.

Grand Designs Homework

This week in Grand Designs we learnt the features of different buildings, therefore knowing how to make our own building (which we started to plan). I based my building on the building I made for homework a few weeks ago. My building was a hotel with a theme park, mini golf, a gym and a cafe inside it. It was in Barcelona, Spain. It was called:

A.H leisure hotel and fitness

This is for homework

Alfie H 5T 

Welcome to Suburbia by Brooke

The horrible pipes,the colour of sadness, drip horrible decay all over the gloomy beach.The people are watched like a hawk to make sure they don't escape.The horrible, dark factories behind them send a chilling message as they stand in rows looking like a bunch of mind controlled robots. Welcome to Suburbia!

He Fly's Away-Philippe Petit by:Kenzie 5T

Philippe Petit

Phillippe Petit,Furious Frenchman was born on the 13Th August 1949,in Nemours,Seineet,France.He is incredible yet world famous stunt man.Petit is most famous for his Wire Walks across,Notra Dame Cathedra,Sydney Habour Bridge and atleast the Best between the Twin Towers,New York City.

Early Life

Born to a loving,innocent father who was an author and Amy Pilot,Philippe Petit took interest in magic at the age of 6.When Philippe got older his career in wire walking became bigger and bigger Until he got excluded from 5 schools.Because he had been excluded,petit practiced on a wire,secured by two trees attracting a crowd.His Career became a blast.


Petit took 6 years to plan from the age of 16 to walk across two most memberd towers the World Trade Center 7.He was inspired to do this from finding a magazine with both towers on the fron.It was an amazing success and he only needed 4 people including himself.

Later Life

Following the amazing dream petit completed,he is now 67 and is still walking the world in less dangerous places.Petit now lives in a barn with his beloved wife Kathy O'Donnel,in Woodstock.He used to have a daughter,Cladia Gipsy but sadly she passed away.Petit still says to the day "When i see 3 oranges I juggle ,When I see two towers I walk..."

By:Kenzie.M.P 5T


Welcome to Suburbia Matilda J

The beach sits there, longing for life, as it listens to the hollow footsteps of the monotonous trudging of the dull, grey people. Destined for something that is out of their grasp. The rust blends into the steps like red paint leaking into the open... The salty sea as dull as the people themselves inside... That's suburbia for you. 


The story behind the lost thing by Ashley

Dear Journal, 

I'm here on the isolated beach thinking about the friend I've lost. I'm here alone whilst the lost thing is in a better place.It was a hard decision. I could have kept it or let it go. We were good friends. We looked out for each other but now he's gone... I said to my mum it had gone and she said "Good" I said "You're always like that" but it was too late she was already brainwashed...

Welcome to Suburbia by Valentino 5T

The beach sits there lonely,longing for life,as it sits listening to the hollow footsteps of the monotonous trudging of the dull, grey people .The people long for something that is out of their grasp.The rust bleeds into the steps like red paint leaking out into the open.The ocean's colour has been sucked out of it from the sadness that corroded it.That's Suburbia for you... 

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