Day 1 by Louise

The song that reminds me of some people is sorry by justin beiber because my to best friends emma and RIja because we do actions to it 

Rija's music poem 4R

music, music calms me down ,

it makes me happy here and now,

it has a beat to keep me in rhythm ,

it wakes me up with all it's words,

music, music is just my thing,

I love music.





10 Day Song Challenge Skyla M


The songs that make me laugh the most are not proper songs ! They are the songs that me and my mum make up about anything and everything, they are usually very random.....but very funny, they make us both laugh ! 

Matti's miracle diary entry by Araj&a Autumn

I saw familie homes passing ,the most gorgeous was house was  mezmerizing as the noisey train goes by. I can smell smoke as the trains starts for the long journey . I heard the bell as the train stopped and started. I felt gloomy , scared and heart broken . I wondered who would want me as a son? Is my family ok? Will they be nice to me?

10 Day Challenge by Skyla.M


The Song that makes me want to get up and dance is ' Can't Stop The Feeling' by Justin Timberlake. I am doing a dance to it at my dance class , it is a funky fast song and I love the part where it says 'sunshine in my pocket', it makes me feel happy when it comes on and I love to dance !!!!

A summary of were do you live the top book

were do you live 

this book is all abaut were people live .This book is a non ficshon book .there is 6 people in this book they live in Canada,jersey ,Australia ,Tuvalu ,Nepal and last but not lest Kenya.

they even have to get a boat to numaina to jersey they are monkeys  and panders in numainia . 


Hope you likted my blog subscrib if you like it 

10 Day Song Challenge by Skyla.M.


The song I can most relax to is 'True Colours' from the movie Trolls because it is a lovely slow song with nice words, I like putting it on YouTube.

Where do you live?

Where do you live? by Rachel

There are six children in different places in the world like Canada,Jersey,Kenya,Australia,Nepal,Tuvalu and it explains what they do.




10 Day Song Challenge By Skyla M. 4R

DAY 10

The song I remember from my childhood is ' Troublemaker'' by Olly Murs. I used to stand with my microphone singing along to it, I knew all the words. My family used to all point at me when he sang ' trouble troublemaker and it's your middle name' , it made us all laugh !!! I don't really like it too much anymore as I listened to it too many times !

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