Signs of spring

I know that dandelions grow in spring and fly catchers don't grow in spring. The leaves with start to grow back on the trees and the weather starts to get hotter and there might be some rain at the beginning of spring. People grow flowers and we celebrate Easter so we can remember when Jesus died. People might come out of castles and have fun and help people. I like winter the best because there is snow.


Dragon poster

I found a photo of a water dragon and I wrote a poem about dragons and describing them. On the inside of my poster I have found lots of different types of dragons. I would say my favourite dragon is a moon dragon because when I was writing a dragon description in class I wrote about a moon dragon called twilight and it had the power to breathe bits of moon that were shaped like diamonds. I am enjoying the dragon topic.


IMG 0418 IMG 0419

The News From Toulouse


Hello Everyone,

I hope you are all well and working hard while I am away. Today I visited a French school called 'Ecole de la Beouzo' in a place called Forbes near the big city of Toulouse.

It was a very interesting visit with some surprising differences to our school. Non of the children wear uniform and they have to bring their own pens and pencils to school. In the Year 2 class I visited the children sit in rows at single desks facing the front and there was no group work at all!

The children were all very friendly and hardworking just like you.

The children loved the work you did on French Day and were very interested in your names, your uniforms and in the letters you wrote for them. They had fun learning the 'Days of the Week' song. and listening to 'The Very Hungry Caterpillar' story in English. The children taught me that 'the caterpillar' in French is called 'la chenille'. They tried scones with strawberry jam and all agreed it was a very delicious English food.

They have given me some French storybooks to bring back to our class for you and also I have some photographs of the class which I can show you at school.

I will send you some more news before I come home.

À bientôt

Madame Ethell

Motte-and-bailey castle

It's a motte-and-bailey castle which I built and I am the king. I made it from cardboard and paint and lolly pop sticks. I made it with my mum. The houses at the bottom belong to knights and a blacksmith. A blacksmith makes swords.


IMG 0417

Bonjour à tous les enfants!

Hello everyone!

We have arrived safely in France and are having a very exciting time in Carcasonne. On Tuesday we visited the old 'walled city' with its beutiful churches and amazing medieval castle. Today we have been to French college for our first lessons which were very challenging but lots of fun! Tomorrow we will be visiting a primary school in the city of Toulous and will be teaching the French children some  English. We will give them the lovely work and messages you prepared for them. We are very excited to see how our school compares with the schools here in France. We will report back tomorrow about how it went. We are missing you all already but still have lots to learn and explore before we come home.

A bientot!

Mrs Ethell and Mrs Stonehewer

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Stone built castle

I made my castle from cardboard boxes and cracker tins. Then I stuck all of the pieces together and I used blue material for the flag and mixed white and black paint to make silver. Then I painted it and drew the windows with black pen and made a bridge from flat cardboard. Then we used scissors to put holes in the bridge and attached string and used scrunched up paper for the grass. We used dark blue and light blue to paint the water. I really enjoyed making my castle.

VerityIMG 0413


Today we went to Denton  community college. We went  for a sport  day, I like the martial arts the best it was lots of fun and we had healthy food. 


See You Soon

Hello 2E !

Can't wait to see you all again on Wednesday when Mrs Stonhewer and I return from our learning journey in Carcasonne, France. We have now passed our Language course, been presented with our certificates and have made and collected some super resouces for you all to use in French lessons when we return. Here is our mascot Tom (who belongs to Ruby in Year 2) out and about visiting places in Carcasonne.

See you very soon,

Mrs Ethell


IMG 1637IMG 1639IMG 1651IMG 1653IMG 1722IMG 1657IMG 1659IMG 1656


Today we went to Denton Community College. We went to do a sports day. Dodgeball was the best I was on the blue team. We had a brilliant day.

Ayla 2E

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