Our First Half Term in Year 1

We like all the different books in the book box in our classroom.  

We have been reading the Pied Piper of Hamlin.

Rylan, Jacey and Madison.

Sports at dinnertime.

We like it when Paul comes to our school at dinnertime and teaches us new games like hockey.  You have to wack a small ball very carefully with the hockey stick and try to score a goal.

Rajul, Charlie, Logan and Junior bob

Our Visit to St. Mary's

We walked all the way to church with a partner.  When we got there we saw some statues and stained glass windows, it was a really nice church.

We got to sing some songs and the puppets told us jokes.  TJ joked that he was going to send all of the harvest food to Pokemon Go.  

Daniel, Cayden, Isabella and Demmi

Phonics in Year 1

We like doing phonics in year 1 because we are learning lots of new sounds whilst having fun.  We all like playing the games; Buried Treasure, Ob and Bob and Find the Match.  

Connor, Taylor, Leon and Palwasha

Golden Time

In Year 1 we get Golden Time and we didn't used to get that when we were in Recption. If we have followed the Golden Rules and not been in trouble we get to choose from lots of different activities like construction, singing and bingo on a Friday afternoon.

Leon, Alfie and Riley

Handwriting in Year 1

We like doing handwriting practice in Year 1 and we all think that our handrwriting is getting better.

Abraham, Charlie and Mionee


I like playing with James S. I like  singing.



Attendance Prizes.

We are very proud of our class because we have won £40.00 this half term for good attendance.

Callum, Mason, Mia and Rose


He is a MCFC trainer for children who are under 18. He told us not to eat food from Mcdonalds because it makes you sick.


James C

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